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Sep 25, 2012

Game Day Pics: skunkbears slain

After each home game, check with Irish Creed as TheNDleprechaun brings you a series of pics from the weekend.  You can also view the pics as they are taken by following on Instagram: "theleprecon" or on Twitter "@TheNDleprechaun"

Sep 20, 2012

Fightin' Words: It's skunkbear season

That's it.  I'm all in.  
After tentatively sipping the Kelly Green Kool-Aid after weeks one and two, I gulped it down as quick as I could when the Fightin' Irish disgraced sparty last week.  

This team is the real deal.  They have something special that I haven't seen during my 7 years in the student section (even during the Quinn era).  Coach Kelly likes to call it "swagger", his players like to call it "swag", and I'm not sure what to call it... but I like it.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video below, courtesy of UND.com:

If you don't find yourself believing in these guys after having watched that, you may be doomed to a dull life of nagging cynicism.  That's no way to live, so I'm here to help.  As Rocket once said, "I didn't come here to make you feel good... I came here to tell you the truth... 'bout to set you FREE up in this camp!"  Take it from me and the man who taught us the meaning of "Don't flinch!" and "Go get it!" when we say, "Get behind me, unbelief!"  

In all seriousness, a few things stand out from the above video as especially telling of where this team is headed.  For one thing, just look at the way Kelly speaks to his players before each half, and notice the way they respond to his passionate yet consistent message.  Those speeches are downright Dr. Lou-esque, and I love every bit of what I just saw.  I've always wondered whether the players truly understand and appreciate the magnitude of what it means to play football at Notre Dame.  With Kelly continuously referencing the historical significance and the sense of pride that comes with donning that good ol' Blue & Gold, how could they not?  Yet, Kelly doesn't overdo it (like I probably definitely would), because he constantly preaches focus and adherence to "the process"in order to counterbalance the emotional side of the game.  

We're now 3 games into Year 3 of the Kelly Era, and I think it's working... it's finally working.  So where are we headed?  Full steam ahead, baby.  Don't worry, there's still room on the bandwagon... but you might want to jump on before it's filled with the dirty carcasses of slain skunkbears...


"...when people say, "We are ND," when you say, "We are ND," I hope that everybody in here... when you say that... that means you have incredible pride... personal pride... team pride... university pride.  That pride's gotta be on display today.  You're gonna have to play with immense pride and passion for each other.  If we truly are ND... let that show tonight.  Let that passion out... every chance you get.  Let them know... we are ND."
-Coach Brian Kelly, pregame speech, 9/15/12 (ND: 20 MSU: 3)

Fightin' Irish: 34
Skunk Bears: 17

Every class has "that stinky kid" ...then they grow up to become skunkbears.

Sep 11, 2012

Fightin' Words: Stomp sparty!

Fightin' Words:

"Here's what I want: I want a guy who's upset that he wasn’t in the game at the end... and [Everett Golson] was upset that he wasn’t in the game.  But he's not selfish.  He understands that we support whoever goes in the game.  Just like Tommy [Rees] and Andrew [Hendrix] supported Everett, it's his turn now to support his teammates... and that’s the way we roll." -Brian Kelly

GO IRISH!  Stomp sparty!

Score Prediction:
Notre Dame: 16
Michigan State: 14

Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson love crashing weddings,
watching Notre Dame win, and seeing sparty cry.

Sep 9, 2012

Game Day Pics: PurDont

After each home game, check with Irish Creed as TheNDleprechaun brings you a series of pics from the weekend.  You can also view the pics as they are taken by following on Instagram: "theleprecon" or on Twitter "@TheNDleprechaun"

Sep 6, 2012

Fightin' Words: PurDont

Fightin' Words:

“That’s probably the best Notre Dame team I’ve seen in my 15 years. 
Their front four and Manti Te’o, I’ve never seen a group like that.” 
-Ken Niumatalolo, Head Coach, Naval Academy

Sept. 8 Score Prediction:
Notre Dame: 34
PurDont: 17

Sep 2, 2012


Stephon Tuitt's 77 yard romp into the endzone during Notre Dame's impressive 50 - 10 victory over Navy was the longest fumble return by the Fighting Irish since 1985, and the 3rd longest in school history.  

The 300+ lb defensive end, who after the game claimed his eyes were closed as he ran the fumble all the way back to the house, displayed a set of wheels that may have shocked many.  Stephon's speed hardly came as a surprise to Irish Creed writer TenDomer, though, as he expertly recognized the current sophomore's skills as a recruit back in 2010.  Here's a look at what TenDomer had to say about Tuitt back then:

Film Review:  Stephon Tuitt
SEP 16, 2010

Monroe, Ga., defensive end and latest ND commit Stephon Tuitt is the complete package: in addition to moonlighting as a right tackle on offense, Tuitt defends the run and the pass about equally well. He is a snug fit as a 5-technique in Bob Diaco’s 3-4 defense.

Tuitt compliments fellow 2011 commit Aaron Lynch rather well. Tuitt is shorter (by an inch according to listed numbers, but it looks like a shade more), which showed up in his lack of batting down passes, a staple of Lynch’s repertoire. Lynch is more athletic and has a quicker burst off the line, but Tuitt has just as quick feet and might even be faster once he gets going, as shown in the most physically impressive play from any 2011 ND commit on tape: starting 19 seconds into his film, Tuitt chased down a running back from behind without much of an angle. This play screams ‘what ND has been missing’ and ‘how can a big guy move that fast?’ While both need to focus on lower-body lifting, Tuitt is stronger than Lynch in the upper body, heavier, and punishes ball carriers with a bit more authority.

At the same stage, Tuitt looks more ready to hold the point of attack against a college offensive line. Lynch’s specific pass-rushing skill set could give the Floridian a more direct route to immediate playing time, but Tuitt had the physical edge from the fall 2009 tape. One will help another, though, because both are good enough to attract either double teams or help from a tight end or back. Expect both to log meaningful minutes as freshmen before starring as a top defensive ends in the future.

2012 Notre Dame Football Schedule

2012 Notre Dame Football Schedule
DateOpponent / EventLocationTime / Result
09/01/12vs. Navy Dublin, IrelandW, 50-10
09/08/12vs. PurdontNotre Dame, Ind.W, 20-17
09/15/12at SpartyEast Lansing, Mich.W, 20-3
09/22/12vs. SkunkbearsNotre Dame, Ind.W, 13-6
Shamrock Series
10/06/12vs. Da UChicago, Ill.W, 41-3
10/13/12vs. TreesNotre Dame, Ind.W, 20-13 (OT)
10/20/12vs. BYU Notre Dame, Ind.W, 17-14
10/27/12at Oklahoma Norman, Okla.W, 30-13
11/03/12vs. Pittsburgh Notre Dame, Ind.W, 29-26 (3OT)
11/10/12at Backup College Chestnut Hill, Mass.W, 21-6
11/17/12vs. Fake Worest Notre Dame, Ind.W, 38-0
11/24/12at U$C Los Angeles, Calif.W, 22-13
1/7/13vs. AlabamaBCS CHAMPIONSHIP
(Miami, Florida)
L, :(