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Sep 19, 2010

Missed Call Costs ND The Game

Well, that was just about as enjoyable as a stick in the eye...

A lot can be said about our loss to an inferior opponent tonight, but first I would just like to direct your attention to the bottom right corner of this screen shot captured from ABC's broadcast of the game:

(double zeros on the play clock prior to the snap)

Yes, those white numbers set against a red background that read (00) represent the play clock, which had clearly run out prior to the snap.  Had the officials seen this, sparty never would have ran "little giants" and Dantonio never would have had that annoying little smirk on his face when he shook Kelly's hand after the game.  I screamed this apparent fact at the television numerous times... but the Big Ten officials either couldn't hear me or chose to ignore me... I guess that's what I get for watching the game on TV for the first time in over a year instead of actually being in attendance... Oh well... at least I can go to bed proud of the fact that I've never freely chosen to dance around in a foam suit and call myself "sparty."


  1. Big East officials tonight.

  2. The actual game clock had not run out. The screen clock was not in sync with the actual game clock. It is apparent if you view a clip and watch the actual game clock.

  3. To anonymous above...

    It was overtime. There is no game clock. That is apparent if you view a clip and watch the actual game clock...

  4. Both the ESPN and the actual play clock were at 00.


  5. I have the game saved on my dvr and the playclock was at 00.

  6. To one of the posts above; Yes there is no GAME clock but there is a PLAY clock, I believe that when the PLAY clock runs out and you have not snapped the ball its a penalty! This just proves even more that the Big Ten hates ND!

  7. "at least I can go to bed proud of the fact that I've never freely chosen to dance around in a foam suit and call myself "sparty."

    So instead you freely chose to dance around in a green suit and call yourself a leprechaun ... congrats

  8. To the above post: Yes, my point exactly. Ain't no foam on me haha

  9. If you look at several similar pictures, you can see the play clock up on the score board reading 00 and the play still had not begun....Also, "Lag time" does not appear in the NCAA rule book

  10. Were these Big Integer refs or Big Least refs? Either way, poor job, but, then again, we should never have been in the position to begin with . . .
    Wilhelm ND '80

  11. Big Least Refs, with Big Integer in the Replay Booth.

    I am more upset about the "block in the back call" with 33 seconds left.

  12. You must be referring to the block in the back whereby the official standing 5 feet from the play did not throw the laundry. Instead, the sideline official, some 30 feet away, recalled his duty to the conference that signs his paycheck and flagged a penalty that didnt happen.

  13. The play clock had clearly run out and MSU had to be penalized for delay of game. No guarantee the Irish would have won, as MSU would have had another shot, but with a 4th and very long or close to a 50-yard field goal with no chance of a fake with the element of surprise gone, the chances are very good that ND would have won the game. Very unfortunate.

  14. that game was bs period....what about msu reciever ran out of bounce came back in and scored the td...nd got screwed in that game and the refs should be fired... can nd get there own refs?? im sick of using other conference refs

  15. Of course the non fumble call as your receiver was two yards from the end zone in the Michigan game greatly helped you with the momentum change and yet you STILL lost.
    MSU's never ending game clock cost a national title to Michigan some years ago as well. It is their secret weapon!

  16. I love seeing all the haters here. It just goes to show that everyone cares about ND a little bit. I have never wasted as much as a second on an opponents fan blog site.

  17. People......

    We did get jobbed and I think there were 3 obviously bad calls against us. I just don't know if we are getting royally screwed every week or I am just paranoid. I am going to start keeping a log of obviously bad calls against us vs. our opponents. I actually felt weeks 1 and 2 were OK (big 10 refs) but the Big East refs that we employ are particularly bad to us and I think the fix is in. ND should push for referee reform as it is a totally bogus system prone to regional farvoritism and corruption. All Refs should be NCAA refs and not conference reps. Still paid for by the confs. but loyal to no one but the NCAA and rotated to not go to 'home' games.

    I just don't get why we can't have sensible officiating and review in sports. Why wouldn't and game ending play be reviewable for any offense. Also in the case of the return phantom block....why can't the officials confir and the guy that is right on top of the play gets extra consideration.

    Just weak and really dissapointing. I don't think this team is lost and I think they have plenty of problems to overcome to improve. They will and at some point I expect them the gell and put together a long string of wins.

    Go Irish beat stupid Standford they are trying to be the secular ND of the west.

  18. "Go Irish beat stupid Standford they are trying to be the secular ND of the west."


    Stanford is a better school than ND.

    Also, I'm a Notre Dame fan and even I can't take all this whining.

    How about you guys spend a little less time fighting over mascots and a little more time learning about football?

  19. The point is we had to big turn overs. We should have beat them by atleat to TD. GO IRISH beat stanford. Now lets give Harbaugh a heart attack this weekend.

  20. To anonymous 4 above: I agree that it is great to see haters on a pro-ND site. They are probably the same people who like to kid themselves by claiming that we are "no longer relevant."

    To anonymous 3 above: I agree about NCAA refs, but like anonymous 2 above I am confused by your statement "Go Irish beat stupid Stanford they are trying to be the secular ND of the west." It seems to me that the words "secular" and "west" in association with Stanford pretty much exclude it from being anything like Notre Dame, along with their inability to maintain a classy and respectable tradition in the realm of college football.

    To anonymous 2 above: I agree with your statement "???" but I disagree with everything else you say. In what way is Stanford is a "better" school? Do you really think "better" is descriptive enough to make such a claim? What are they better at? Drunkenly dancing around in tree costumes? Obnoxiously insulting their opponents over the loud speaker in their stadium? Failing to act as respectable hosts? Allowing their "band" to "play music" so horribly that it causes ears to bleed? Probably... but I doubt this is what you had in mind. Also, as a former mascot of the FIGHTING Irish, I feel as though I am entitled to spend time "fighting over mascots." If you would like to challenge our staff members' collective football IQ, please read our upcoming IBG post and comment at will.

    To anonymous directly above: I like the enthusiasm, but let's keep death wishes to ourselves... this is a family friendly blog.

  21. this blog promotes football AND censorship, eh?

  22. THis blog welcomes all comments found to be insightful, meaningful, and/or interesting. Thanks for all the feedback, and keep it rolling in!

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  24. The hell with the fake FG blown call, which the refs did not have the guts to call in a hostile environment. The tying touchdown pass should have never counted because the receiver was not "forced out" by Walls and there was a non-existent block in the back on the last punt, which changed field position dramatically. Big East crew did an awful job-they sure did not follow the "mechanics" when calling delays several times on ND.


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