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Jul 6, 2010


I’m not going to lie, I didn’t want Luke on the floor at the end of this season. I knew that he was our best player in seasons past but after the team came together during his injury I didn’t want someone who needed to change his game for NBA scouts to interrupt the confident hot streak our team was running on.

But I forgot that Luke was Notre Dame. One of the nicest guys I had ever seen around campus, always working hard and wanting to win for the Irish. He was the most underrated All American of all time and will be remembered as a Notre Dame legend, despite not ending on the highest note.

In his first NBA summer league game, Luke Harangody was wet from behind the arc as if he was back at Freedom Hall in 2008, the site of his first collegiate three-pointers. Gody posted a respectable 23 points and 4 rebounds including 4 of 6 on threes, earning himself the number 2 spot on the NBA rookie ladder.

In his second game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Luke struggled from the field but made all 6 of his free throw attempts and added a team-high 12 boards to give himself his first double-double with the Celtics, albeit in summer league.

Was Luke’s three point percentage in the first game a fluke or will Gody be able to solidify himself as a shooter in the NBA?

Analysis so far: Luke looked a lot like he did at the end of the season on Tuesday night, missing a handful of open shots including four contested layups. He needs to show his strength in finishing those attempts. Despite his attempt at re-imaging himself as a shooter in the NBA, Luke still has his unique shooting form that Notre Dame fans have grown to know well. If he can continue to perform as he did in his first game, fans and commentators will respect his unorthodox style; if not, he is sure to encounter a lot of criticism.

Luke has shown a lot of highs and lows, from good hustle and defense, to poor boxing out and allowing an alley-oop in his face. Then again, against the Sixers he was going against 6-10 Marreese Speights, who has averaged over 16 minutes per game in his first two years in the NBA.

It will be interesting to see how Luke will emerge in the coming weeks and if he will make the regular season roster come summer’s end. Check back with Irish Creed for future Gody updates as we track his summer league play for you. We wish him the best of luck as he plays for another one of Erin’s teams, even if it happens to be in Satan’s city.


  1. Satan's City?! Methinks you may need to brush up on your Irish history me boy. There's a reason behind the Celtics nickname, and its the same reason the Dropkick Murphys call Boston home. Why do you think Cpt. Queenan says "He's studying the law at Notre Dame!" when he is asked where his boy is in "The Departed" or the reason "The Boondock Saints" features two Catholic brothers from Boston who fight with an Irish swagger?

    Boston was a gateway to America for the poorest of the poor (the REAL Fightin' Irish) who could not afford the passage to Ellis Island when they fled their homes during An Gorta Mor. In fact, I wouldn't be here today without the Boston-Irish connection.

    Initially WASP dominated, Boston was remade by the Irish who scraped by through pure toughness and perseverance to create a place for themselves in America. Nowadays, Boston is just as "Fightin' Irish" as New York. Take a stroll through Southie before you contend otherwise.

    After all... the new leader of the Fightin' Irish grew up as part of an Irish Catholic family in Boston. Here's to hoping he brings that Boston-Irish bravado to the field. Slainte!

  2. Good to see you are following a Domer in Boston! Thanks for the Fightingg Irish history ab the city too! That is great stuff, hopefully more like that to come from Irish Creed? Go Irish, Go Celts, Go Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke!

  3. Haha I don't have a dog in this fight but I'd like to recommend Michael Patrick MacDonald's "All Souls: A Family Story from Southie." It's taught in Irish-American History at ND. It's about a lot of people who inspired the characters in The Departed. Lots of ND references, too.

  4. The only thing Holy about Boston is Brian Kelly. Jesus did ascend from hell on his way to heaven...

  5. Civic pride Irish movie square-off in all-Scorsese style: The Departed vs. Gangs of New York?

    About Gody though: depending on what happens with free agency he stands a moderate chance of making that team all of a sudden. Those stats are pretty good considering it's 40 minutes and not the usual NBA 48.

  6. California has made FightinIrish1313 so soft-serve it's not even funny. Lets not forget that it was the Boston burbs that gave this country the first and last Irish Catholic President. In the words of Frank Costello,"Twenty years after an Irishman couldn't get a fucking job, we had the presidency. May he rest in peace."

    I'm not even Irish. I just love that quote.

  7. Seriously though... history lessons and pop-culture references aside, let's look at the cold-hard facts: In 2007 the U.S. Census Bureu reported that Boston had the highest percentage of people with Irish ancestry out of any city in the US.
    Here's some highlights from their list:
    1. Boston, MA - 18.87%
    2. Albany, NY - 15.92%
    3. Philadelphia, PA - 14.60%
    8. Buffalo, NY - 11.23% (BUFFALOVE REPRESENT!)
    9. Pittsburgh, PA - 10.74%
    10. Rochester, NY - 9.86%
    20. Chicago, Il - 8.19%
    23. New York, NY - 7.64%

  8. Lep - nice history and statistics, but they have nothing to do with the statement (fact?) that Boston is Satan's City. Who knows, there could be a higher percentage of Irish in Hell, but the original post is not about debating which city is more Irish. The simple fact that Red Sox fans obsess about the Yankees even when they are not in town (hawking 'Yankees Suck' and 'Posada is the devil'-type shirts for a Blue jays game) proves the city has no sense of self-worth and is therefore vile...and an anagram of vile is evil, again proving Boston is simply Satan's City.

  9. Gody Wednesday update:

    Got a win. 12 pts including 2 of 4 from three. Played only 20 minutes because he got a cut under his eye when going for a board.

  10. Amen breffni. Good attempt by TheNDLep to avoid/change the subject. Typical of a Boston fan to obsess over a statement to the point where he missed what was actually said.

  11. Now now, gentlemen (if I can call FI13 that...) no need to start a fight. I'm just glad to see 'gody working hard to succeed in a great American city like a true Fighting Irishman.

    As for obsessing over the yanks... I don't deny it. As a resident of the Empire State who has been forced his whole life to watch YES I root for two teams in MLB: the Sox and whoever the yanks are playing. I was actually a yankeehater before I was a Sox fan, the 2nd part just evolved naturally.

    I'm glad you brought the "yankees suck" chant up too because I've always wondered about this. Why do yanks fans resort to chanting "Boston sucks" when Sox fans merely echo the same "yankees suck" chant that can be heard in most ball parks? I've always preferred keeping it within the team rivalry, especially because I don't hate all of New York. Apparently yanks fans obsessive hatred covers the entirety of Boston though.

    As for rooting against the yanks when they aren't even in town... the same type of antics happen on the dark side as well. Just ask the yanks fans I recently went to Dodgertown with why they were chanting "Boston sucks" while watching the yanks lose to the Dodgers in LA?

    But thats neither here nor there... glad to see 'gody giving it his all.

  12. Pretty sure every current ND student has seen The Departed at least twice, but some of our brethren haven't seen Gangs of New York for another perspective. Check the 1:16 mark for the Irish Invasion poster in this clip called Welcoming the Irish:


  13. haha as someone who has actually been to Yankee Stadium more than once Yankee fans never chant boston sucks except when a boston fan (for whatever reason) is causing trouble at a Yankee game when the red sox aren't even in town! But we'll let TheNDlep live in his fantasy world for now and keep stating things that are a)simply not true or b)continually off topic. whatever helps him sleep at night (a little bird told me he had to hit the room before 10 pm tonight because he was sick of watching the Yankees win their 5th straight while boston hasn't won in 4)

  14. "The term subway alumni was first used to describe the many New York City fans who followed Notre Dame football." Enough said. While I love my Irish heritage more than the next guy this blog is about her loyal sons, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. And the devout New York City fans watching their Irish in Yankee Stadium are one of the largest and most influential groups of our school's history and why we are as famous as we are today. Note: LOYAL New York fans.

  15. Is amadán thú. I never bashed NYC and I most certainly respect all of the loyal sons and daughters of Notre Dame across the nation. That doesn't change the fact that I've worn my RedSox jersey to numerous games in the Bronx. Let's bring this discussion back to the FIghtin' Irish though. I really hope they do this whole ND v Army game in NYC the right way, because there is so much history there. I'd love to see something OTT like a pep-rally at a subway station, with the leprechaun and band leading fans onto the subway to the stadium. How amazing would that be?

  16. Gody update: 16 and 7 on Thursday, 18 and 8 on Friday.


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2012 Notre Dame Football Schedule
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