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Oct 27, 2010

Kelly’s Unwavering Vision

The only way last Saturday’s 35-17 loss to Navy could have ended worse would have been if Kelly, his team, and his staff adopted the doom-and-gloom outlook that much of Notre Dame Nation has exhibited in the days since.  Fortunately for our school, our football program, and all of us fans, Kelly’s refusal to be phased by the loss has his team looking in the right direction (hint: not backwards). 

Despite recent growing pains,
Kelly leads with an unwavering vision that will have
Notre Dame back on top in the years to come.

In his press conference immediately following our loss to Navy, Kelly acknowledged that he and his staff didn’t have an answer to their opponent’s strategy.  When that happens, as he so simply put it, “you get what you deserve.”  While Kelly did voice expectations of improved execution during the weeks to come, at no point did he throw his players under the proverbial bus or claim (as so many “critics” have without warrant) that his guys played without heart.  Interestingly enough, he made it clear that he approved of the way his team played with toughness throughout the game.

After four days of reflection, I finally agree with Kelly on these points.  The easy conclusion to jump to in reaction to such a loss is one claiming that our players just didn’t care, had no heart, or gave up.  After taking a step back, though, I can’t come up with any real evidence of that happening.  What I did see, however, was a team that appeared to be flat due to confusion and an inability to overcome gaping holes created by injuries.  Without the proper scheme, our defense was unable to step up and make stops when it needed to (or at all, for that matter).  Without Floyd, Rudy, Theo, or a 100% healthy Allen, our offense was unable to find its rhythm.  We simply aren’t talented enough (YET!) to be able to overcome such deficiencies. 

Enough about last week.  Our coaches and players know how hard they fought and they know what they must do during the remainder of the season, so last week no longer matters.  As Coach Kelly said in that same press conference, he likes his guys and trusts his coaches, the necessary changes are taking place, and no matter how viciously the team comes under fire from outside criticism, they “have each other’s backs.”

Rather than hang his head, Kelly is remaining steadfast in his confidence that Notre Dame is well on its way to returning to “where it should be.”  His current perspective stands as proof that he is exactly the type of leader we need to help us climb out of the basement back up to the top floor.  Right now, at this very moment, he is injecting strong leadership and a focused vision into a program that has seemed lost at sea lately (especially after 3 losses to navy… get it?!)

During his first press conference focusing on this Saturday’s matchup between the Fighting Irish and the Golden Hurricane, Kelly stayed true to the message he has been preaching all year.  He stressed player development, the need to remain “focused on the right things” no matter what, and continuing progress “as we move forward.”  Of his inherited senior class, he is proud of the way they are “building a foundation” for the resurgence of our program. 

In sharing all of this information, I hope to send a message to all the doubters and doomsday “analysts.”  I would advise that you hold your tongues for now, in hopes that no one is keeping your faithless statements on record to remind you of your disloyalty when we are finally back on top.  It will take a lot for us to get back “where we should be,” no doubt.  Not only must the team show sacrifice, resolve, and mental toughness, however, but every student, alumni, and fan must as well. 

We need to change our attitude, our mindset, and our overall culture as a community.  Disenchantment and submission to mediocrity must not be tolerated, this is true.  The road won’t be easy, though, and resolve will be a key factor in our return to glory.  In the words of the great prophet Steve Miller, sometimes “you know you got to go through Hell before you get to Heaven.”  I honestly believe that Coach Kelly’s vision for Notre Dame can help us find our way.  Here’s to hoping all you of little faith can find it within yourselves to believe as I do (and as Lou does).


  1. I believe! Go Irish!

  2. I believe too! Go Irish!

  3. There was another ND coach who remained steadfast in the face of adversity........Tyrone Willingham.


2012 Notre Dame Football Schedule

2012 Notre Dame Football Schedule
DateOpponent / EventLocationTime / Result
09/01/12vs. Navy Dublin, IrelandW, 50-10
09/08/12vs. PurdontNotre Dame, Ind.W, 20-17
09/15/12at SpartyEast Lansing, Mich.W, 20-3
09/22/12vs. SkunkbearsNotre Dame, Ind.W, 13-6
Shamrock Series
10/06/12vs. Da UChicago, Ill.W, 41-3
10/13/12vs. TreesNotre Dame, Ind.W, 20-13 (OT)
10/20/12vs. BYU Notre Dame, Ind.W, 17-14
10/27/12at Oklahoma Norman, Okla.W, 30-13
11/03/12vs. Pittsburgh Notre Dame, Ind.W, 29-26 (3OT)
11/10/12at Backup College Chestnut Hill, Mass.W, 21-6
11/17/12vs. Fake Worest Notre Dame, Ind.W, 38-0
11/24/12at U$C Los Angeles, Calif.W, 22-13
1/7/13vs. AlabamaBCS CHAMPIONSHIP
(Miami, Florida)
L, :(